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Lady Killer by Lisa Scottoline (M Scottoline)

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Rosato & Associates characters or are just drawn to this book’s bright pink and black cover, you won’t be disappointed by Scottoline’s Lady Killer. Mary DiNunzio is on top of her game at her small law firm, bringing in money by the boatload and helping out all the folks in her old South Philly neighborhood. Then she is thrust back in time when an old high school nemesis, Trish Gambone, bursts into her office seeking help. Trish has hooked up with Bobby Mancuso, a drug-dealing mobster who physically abuses her. She tells Mary she’s afraid that Bobby is going to kill her and begs Mary to help. Before Mary can even process it all (she once dated Bobby!) Trish flounces out of her office and disappears the next day. This starts Mary on a hunt for Trish, which takes her back in time to the girl she used to be. This fast-paced book has a lot of funny moments mixed in, and the characters are so well-drawn you feel like you’re sitting in the kitchen with Mary and her family eating a giant plate of pasta.

Reviewed by Jamie

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This entry was posted on March 28, 2011 by in Book Review, Fiction.
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