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Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach (Fiction Moggach)

We are reporting a seasonal review from a former staff member. Enjoy spring.
Tulip Fever combines history, romance, suspense, and even scandal. It’s the 1600s and, in Amsterdam, a young woman, Sophia, and the rich older man her family married her off to decide to have a portrait of themselves painted to preserve their name since the young wife has not yet been able to conceive. The painter is a mysterious young man and Sophia is drawn to him as he paints her. Meanwhile, the couple’s maid finds herself deserted by her own lover and in a complicated position. A thrilling and dangerous situation is in store for them all. Short chapters tell the story from the perspective of the book’s various characters. It is easy to race through the book to its possibly satisfying but just as likely tragic ending. – Review by Annie


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