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This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper

I enjoyed this book because it’s funny. Actually, the story line isn’t funny at all, but the dialog and repartee are witty, the predicaments are absurd, and the shiva at the heart of the story is a clever vehicle for laying open the relationships and weaknesses of the characters and bringing in a variety of extras.

Judd has just caught his wife in bed with his boss. In one fell swoop, he has lost his wife, his home, and his job. Then his father dies, and he is forced to spend an entire week sitting shiva with his mother and his 3 siblings, a family who care for each other but who generally avoid spending time together, and who wisecrack their way through the entire ordeal. Over the course of the novel, we meet the high school loves and current significant others of each of the main characters and – I’m not gonna lie – parts of the book are kind of racy. A long-standing issue between the two oldest brothers is brought to light and somewhat resolved. And colorful neighbors and old friends are marched forth during the shiva, adding humor and sometimes poignancy to the story.

This book is a good choice if you want something entertaining that also has some emotional substance.

Reviewed by Nancy

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This entry was posted on April 15, 2011 by in Book Review, Contemporary, Fiction.
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