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The Finder by Colin Harrison (Fiction HARRISON)

Ray Grant is “the finder”, a brave, caring, haunted man looking for Jin Li, a beautiful woman who mysteriously broke up with him and who’s now in deep trouble. Finding her involves untangling a complicated knot of people and problems extending from China to Manhattan. It also means understanding and avoiding the horrible, bizarre deaths befalling other players in the story. This well-crafted mystery will keep readers up all night; at the same time, it offers a fascinating look at human foibles and motivations, such as when mega rich Bill Martz reflects, “my happiness rides on understanding a young scam artist who crawled out of the gutter in Shanghai. Utterly ridiculous, except that it made absolutely perfect sense.” Extra bonus? The author provides an insider’s look at such intriguing questions as how can proprietary information be smuggled out of the U.S.? It’s no question that readers who enjoy The Finder will also appreciate Harrison’s other masterpieces, including Afterburn and Manhattan Nocturne (both fiction by Harrison).
Review by Christine

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This entry was posted on May 18, 2011 by in Book Review, Contemporary, Fiction.
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