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Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward (M Lutz)

Heads You Lose is a hilarious murder mystery. Lisa Lutz has written several humorous mysteries starring the eccentric Spillman family, but this one is a departure from the series.

For this novel Lutz asked former boyfriend David Hayward to collaborate with her, each writing alternating chapters. Between chapters readers are privileged to read their notes back and forth, and occasional comments appear in footnotes, so we learn early on that the authors did not agree ahead of time on characters or plot and are a bit competitive. As one can imagine, the plot gets pretty convoluted as the authors try to nudge the story in different directions, and characters get added or bumped off from time to time as a result of their disagreements.

The story opens with a headless body appearing in the yard of siblings Lacey and Paul, who grow pot for a living and are understandably reluctant to have the authorities swarming over their property. Like most siblings, they do not agree on what to do next and often work at cross-purposes, becoming pawns in the game being played by the authors.

The comical result is not a masterpiece of the mystery genre, but it is certainly an entertaining read! This book is currently available as a digital download through Media On Demand and in print at Thomas Ford Library.

–Reviewed by Nancy

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This entry was posted on November 28, 2011 by in Book Review, Fiction, Humor, Mystery.
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