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The Moment by Douglas Kennedy (FIC KENNEDY)

Thomas from New York met and lost Petra from East Berlin in 1984 when he was 26. Decades later–after publishing successful books, failing at a lukewarm marriage and raising a wonderful daughter–he receives a package at his Maine home from Petra’s last address in Berlin.

A cascade of memories follows: residing in Germany and writing about it; discovering what it means to live where The Wall separates East from West in every way imaginable; falling in love at first sight with your soul mate. He relives his brief but incredibly intense experiences: “…there are certain things in life that change us so radically that they stay with us forever. And we can never really close the door on that which still haunts us.” He questions the nature of life and love: on the one hand, he and Petra “…had a moment, an extraordinary moment…But if we can’t hold on to the moment, it becomes just that: a moment;” but, on the other hand, “…the moment…can change everything.”

To think and feel as Thomas does, to see how or if it is possible to go on from such life-changing times, read and respond to The Moment.

Review by Christine

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This entry was posted on November 28, 2011 by in Book Review, Contemporary, Fiction.
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