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Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese (FIC Verghese), also available as an ebook and an audio file

Since Cutting for Stone was published in 2009, in 2012, it’s been in print for three years.  So, you’d think some of the buzz would have died down, but you’d be surprised.  Both of the library’s print copies are often checked out and eager readers frequently ask that a copy be obtained for them.  What’s the story?!

At its simplest, Cutting for Stone is about twin brothers who are born in 1954 and grow up in a mission hospital in Addis Ababa.  Their adoptive parents are physicians who love and nurture them and the boys know their birth parents only in a peripheral way that does not affect their charmed lives.  As the boys mature and history unfolds, dramatic events affect the boys, their families and many other people in Africa and the United States.

Great depth and breadth are just two aspects of this amazing first novel.  Others are Verghese’s elegant, sensitive and humorous style, his thoughtful exploration of life’s most significant questions and some very interesting medical discussions.  For Verghese is not only a gifted story-teller, he is also a medical doctor whose clinical background makes this book even more compelling.

Although the book is over 600 pages, several members of my book club and I agreed:  we hated to see it end.

Review by Christine

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