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The Technologists by Matthew Pearl (FIC Pearl)

Set in 1860’s Boston, The Technologists follows Marcus Mansfield, a student in the first graduating class of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as he and his friends deal with the stigma of pursuing technology at a time when it is a new and misunderstood field. As catastrophic events seemingly caused by technology start happening all over Boston leaving death and destruction in their wake, Marcus and his friends know they have to prove not only their own value as scientists and engineers but the value of their school as it struggles against discrimination from the city and rivalry from Harvard. The story becomes not only a piece of rich historical fiction, but a suspenseful mystery as the group attempts to find out who is trying to destroy the city and how they’re doing it. Science and engineering enthusiasts will appreciate the detail and care put to describing and explaining the students’ various projects and experiments. Author Matthew Pearl has created a unique group of endearing characters that you grow to truly care about and a real page turner of a story as Marcus and his other Technologists race to solve the crimes before further destruction rains down on the city.

Review by Rachel

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This entry was posted on May 3, 2012 by in Book Review, Fiction.
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