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50 Great Cookbooks at Thomas Ford – Week 29

We must include this classic recently revised.

The Silver Palate Cook Book by Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins (641.5 ROS)

What is the story behind The Silver Palate Cook Book?
Julee Rosso learned to cook by working her way through The French Chef by Julia Child, and Sheila Lukins graduated from Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in London. After meeting, they recognized that they could cook for profit but did not want a restaurant to complicate their already busy lives. So they decided to start a carry-out shop and were immediately noticed by the New York press. Business boomed. After five years, after being told it was a bad idea to give away their secrets, they decided to write their own cook book. It sold very well.

What is different in the 25th anniversary edition?
The authors believed that new readers would enjoy The Silver Palate Cook Book more if it were more modern looking. They kept some of the stylish line drawing but changed to a clearer type font and added many full color photos of the dishes. Most of the recipes are the same, though the order in which they appear has changed with a new layout. Revision of ingredients and steps in cooking is minimal.

Is this cookbook easy to use?
If you can follow directions, yes. The authors break the instructions into numbered steps that are easy to follow. Most recipes have 6 or fewer steps. A few have as many as 10. Finding recipes is easy using the index.

What is special about this cookbook?
I can remember on numerous occasions people asking for or giving The Silver Palate Cook Book as a present. The recipes are acclaimed, and the book is considered a classic. It is shelved right beside The Joy of Cooking.

What are your favorite recipes from this cookbook?
I would like for us to try Raspberry Chicken (page 106) when we get our second crop of berries later this summer. The Lamb Chops with Vegetables and Fruit (page 147) cooked in foil are intriguing. I bet the Rice and Vegetable Salad (page 262) is delicious, and I would never say “No” to Orange-Poppy Seed Bundt Cake (page 360) or Peach Cobbler (page 376).

Review by Rick

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