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50 Great Cookbooks at Thomas Ford – Week 42

It is not too early to start thinking about holiday pies.

A Year of Pies: A Seasonal Tour of Home Baked Pies by Ashley English (641.86 ENG)

What kind of cookbook is A Year of Pies?
As a lover of pies, I am tempted to say “essential.” Maybe “seductive” or “tempting” are better words. Of course, the serious answer is that A Year of Pies is a specialty cookbook for the making of pies, quiches, and galettes.

Is this cookbook easy to use?
Since we often make different kinds of pies at different times of the year, the seasonal arrangement of the recipes makes sense. Cooks may just browse for timely recipes. The table of contents also names all of the pies. The index, however, is a bit skimpy.

The recipes themselves are easy to read, but pies may never really be easy to make. English offers help. She goes into detail recommending use of specific types of pie pans and other tools, such as pastry wheels, pie birds, pie shields, and pie weights. She also shows how to make a variety of crusts.

What is special about this cookbook?
None of the recipes are for standard pies. Each seems to have a twist, such as a gingersnap crust for the key lime pie. I also liked that there are many meat and savory pies in addition to fruit and custard pies.

What are your favorite recipes from this cookbook?
I would like to eat these pies this fall:
Pear Crostata (page 139)
Rosemary Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie (page 141)
Cranberry Mince Tart (page 157)
Turkey Shepherd’s Pie (page 167)

Review by Rick

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