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Gold by Chris Cleave (BOCD Cleave, FIC Cleave, and also available as an eBook from Media on Demand)

Gold came out at the time of the 2012 Olympics in London and it is, in fact, about the 2012 Olympics in London and–no surprise–about going for Olympic Gold.

Kate and Zoe are 19-year old speed cyclists when the story begins and when they first encounter Tom, a former cyclist who remains pivotal in their lives and Jack, a charismatic young Scotsman.   Over the next 12 years–over Athens, Beijing and London–they share rivalry, friendship, passion and family in an ever-evolving matrix.  What it takes to be a champion is recounted in fascinating detail:  the food–make that caloric units–the training, the media exposure, the sacrifice.  How to make sense of this and to create a life worth living is also described and is an even more gripping tale.  Plus, there is Sophie, one of the most engaging eight-year-olds ever.

As good as the plot line is, as good as the themes are, what really makes Gold a great book to listen to on compact disc (BOCD) is the wonderful narration by Emilia Fox, especially the terrific English and Scottish accents.  And whatever the dialogue between the characters may be, Ms. Fox renders it even more playful, outraged or triumphant.  Combine that with a most enthralling story and the result is indeed…gold.

Review by Christine

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