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Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill with Lisa McCubbin

Mrs. Kennedy and Me is available in audio (BOCD Hill NF), or in a print edition with wonderful photographs (B Hill)

mrs-kennedy-and-meIf JFK’s time in office was Camelot, Secret Service Agent Clint Hill was Jackie Kennedy’s knight in shining armor.  By writing Mrs. Kennedy and Me, Agent Hill pays her literary tribute. He also attempts to exorcise ghosts that have haunted him for 50 years because of his failure to prevent her husband’s assassination.

The book works on almost every level:

  • It is the ultimate insider’s look at a fascinating time in history, for readers who lived through that period and their descendants.
  • It offers revealing close-ups of an enigmatic First Lady, including her thoughtful, grateful words of support for Clint Hill and the other agents after her time as First Lady.
  • It respects its subjects and their positions.
  • It offers surprising insights into two very difficult jobs–First Lady and Secret Service Agent.
  • It shows the author’s great reverence for his subject–always referred to as Mrs. Kennedy–without sensationalism or tawdriness.

The book on compact disc is read by Jeremy Bobb whose straightforward, plain-speaking narration strongly evokes a young man from North Dakota who has chosen to put his life on the line to protect the President and First Lady.  And then to tell the remarkable tale of Mrs. Kennedy and Me.

Review by Christine

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