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Take Back Plenty by Colin Greenland


Look for Take Back Plenty in our science fiction section: SF GREENLAND

Tabitha Jute pulled into Mars just looking for a job. Her ship needed some repairs to pass inspection and a quick gig hauling something, anything, should have provided enough dough. But instead Tabitha excepts work that seems too good to be true—busing handsome singer Marco Metz and his band to the alien outpost of Plenty and then all the way out to Titan. It ends up being an epic trip that spans galaxies and involves Tabitha in some troubling alien politics.

Take Back Plenty won the Arthur C. Clarke award in 1991. It’s often considered a throwback to old fashioned space opera that helped usher in a sort of renaissance for epic, star-spanning plots. It deserves that reputation. It’s 500 pages are packed with about 1000 pages of incident, and it all rushes by at a breakneck pace. It’s got range too—funny at times but serious and a little dark at others, full of action but also full of well developed characters and expansive world building.

Highly recommended for anyone with a hankering for some old school sci-fi, and a must read for die hard fans of the genre.

Review by Matthew

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This entry was posted on January 9, 2014 by in Book Review, Fiction, Science Fiction.
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