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The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

Cuckoo's Calling

Look for Cuckoo’s Calling in our mystery section: FIC GALBRAITH

Private investigator Cormoran Strike is down on his luck, living in his office after breaking up with his long-time girlfriend. He has one bit of luck, however, when the temp agency apparently does not receive his stop notice and sends Robin as a replacement receptionist. Robin turns out to be a great teammate when Strike is hired to investigate the apparent suicide of a supermodel. As Strike and Robin try to uncover what really happened, they are plunged into London’s worlds of fashion and rock-star celebrities, the homeless, and high-flying lawyers. Meanwhile, Strike is battling his creditors (one of whom is his own rock star father) and Robin is looking for a new job while hoping she can somehow keep this one.

The novel garnered some very positive reviews for this promising new author, before it was revealed that Galbraith is a pen name for J. K. Rowling. A sequel, The Silkworm, just came out in May.

This was a fun read, especially since I don’t often read mysteries. It fits snugly into the private eye genre, including being a bit predictable at times and some plot points being a stretch. But it also has good character development, with some depth and wit thrown in. I especially enjoyed the scenes when Strike and Robin were together. They are not a couple (Robin has just arrived in London following her engagement), but their dynamic is entertaining as Robin tries to figure out why her temporary employer is living in his office and why he keeps getting threatening phone calls. I am looking forward to seeing these two again in the sequel.

Reviewed by Nancy

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