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The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Rosie Project

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The Rosie Project is pretty hilarious, and can best be described as a romantic comedy. Don Tillman is a college professor specializing in genetics. He appears to have Asperger’s syndrome and OCD, though it’s not clear he realizes it. He just knows he’s different, and has few friends. Well, two, actually, and they are married to each other.

Don’s dating life has been spotty, but he has decided it’s time to get serious, so he begins the Wife Project. This involves distributing a detailed questionnaire he has created – with his friends’ help – for eligible women to fill out, so he can immediately weed out anyone who he feels is unsuitable. Enter Rosie, who as you might predict meets none of the criteria.

Rosie is trying to identify her biological father. Don’s experience in genetics becomes the basis for their relationship, and they launch the Father Project. Much of the hilarity stems from their attempts to obtain DNA samples from each of the several dozen men who could be Rosie’s father. Along the way, the relationship between Don and Rosie has its ups and downs, always under the cloud of Don’s certainty that she is unsuitable marriage material.

This book is a light romp, and lots of fun. It’ll probably be turned into a movie.

Reviewed by Nancy

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