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“Thought Experiment” by Eileen Gunn


Ralph felt right at home. He’d devised himself a costume that he thought would look nondescript in any time period, and carried a pocketful of Roosevelt dimes, figuring silver was silver, and Roosevelt did look a little like Julius Caesar.


You’ll find “Thought Experiment” in the collection Questionable Practices: SF GUNN

“Thought Experiment” is a clever little time travel tale. We follow Ralph—the hapless inventor of a time machine—as he stumbles about history making a muck of things. He terrifies medieval villagers with his hygiene, cancels Woodstock and, most disastrously of all, falls in love with a fellow time traveler from the future. It ends with a neat little twist like any good time travel tale should, but the real reason for reading is simply Eileen Gunn’s playful sense of humor.

Give her collection Questionable Practices a chance. Go ahead and start with “Thought Experiment” but don’t be surprised if you’re compelled to set aside time for the whole book.

Review by Matthew

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