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“Love is the Plan the Plan is Death” by James Tiptree, Jr.

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The world is ending, all is terrible, terrible. And yet, my fireberry, even then I almost understood. Great is the Plan!


You’ll find “Love is the Plan the Plan is Death” in the collection Her Smoke Rose Up Forever: SF TIPTREE

I have no idea what Mogadeet is, but I’ll never forget him. He’s black furred. Armored too. With dangerous “hunting limbs.” Spider-like in some ways, but with a tail. Mogadeet and his brothers are pretty terrifying; but somehow, as we follow his strange alien life cycle, we learn to love him just a little.

He’s born into a violent and primitive animal race. They follow “the plan,” an instinctual urge that leads them through tough winters by means of cannibalism and a kind of mental hibernation. But Mogadeet wants a more civilized life, to consciously evolve a bit, and he kidnaps a small child to civilize too. It doesn’t work out as he hoped. In the end he may be a more essential part of “the plan” than he could have ever thought.

No plot synopsis can do this story justice. It’s just strange and beautiful in a way few stories ever manage. One of the finest examples of speculative fiction I know, and a quick one-sitting read that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Review by Matthew

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