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The World of the Shorebirds by Harry Thurston

index.aspxI have been devoting much of my free time to birding this spring, visiting various DuPage County Forest Preserves to see what I might see. My reading, however, is geographically unbound. Through the pages of The World of the Shorebirds by Harry Thurston, I have been able to travel by armchair all over North and South America, learning about the behaviors and migrations of plovers, sandpipers, oystercatchers, jacanas, stilts, avocets, and thick-knees. This Sierra Club Book is nearly twenty years old, so readers need to look up more recent statistics about bird populations and what is happening in critical flyways. The photos are still beautiful, and the author inspires love of birds. It is one of the many books classic and new that we have in our birding collection at the library. Look for Dewey 598 for bird identification guides, profiles of specific species, stories of bird watchers, and ornithological topics. – Review by Rick

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This entry was posted on May 20, 2015 by in Book Review, Non-Fiction, Science and Nature.
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