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“Jamie Freel and the Young Lady” by Letitia Maclintock

This short comes from Yeats’ collection of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales. “Jamie Freel and the Young Lady” is a beautiful Halloween piece that focuses on the wild celebrations of the fae instead of the … Continue reading

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“Yuki-Onna” by Lafcadio Hearn

He was awakened by a showering of snow in his face. The door of the hut had been forced open; and, by the snow-light, he saw a woman in the … Continue reading

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Free eBook Review: Lady into Fox by David Garnett

Hearing the hunt, Mr. Tebrick quickened his pace so as to reach the edge of the copse, where they might get a good view of the hounds if they came … Continue reading

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Free eBook Review: The Chimes by Charles Dickens

He saw the tower, whither his charmed footsteps had brought him, swarming with dwarf phantoms, spirits, elfin creatures of the Bells.  He saw them leaping, flying, dropping, pouring from the … Continue reading

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Free eBook Review: “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster

Looking for some free books to fill your eReader? You may already know that there are plenty of classics available as free downloadable eBooks, but if you explore enough you’ll … Continue reading

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Free eBook Review: Unusual Tales #10 by Steve Ditko

For fans of silver age comics there are few more legendary and respected artists than Steve Ditko. He’s most famous for the first 38 issues of Spider-Man, a character he … Continue reading

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Free eBook Review: Love Among the Chickens by P.G. Wodehouse

P.G. Wodehouse’s best loved works are still not public domain. Most of Blandings and most of Jeeves are copyright protected. Don’t be too downhearted, though.  Think of it as an … Continue reading

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