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The Lunchbox: a Film by Ritesh Batra

Friday night January 9, 2015 was a historic occasion for the Thomas Ford Memorial Library, as we showed our first film with our newly-installed projection and sound system. This welcomed … Continue reading

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The Sapphires, a film by Wayne Blair

Have you been watching the British comedy Moone Boy on PBS? One of the standout characters is Martin Moone’s imaginary friend Sean Murphy, played by Chris O’Dowd. If you have … Continue reading

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams a Film by Werner Herzog

In 1994, the timeline of human art lengthened dramatically. In fact, it doubled when three explorers discovered a wealth of ancient paintings in a cave above the beautiful Ardeshe River … Continue reading

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Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles, a Film by Jon Foy

Image that you are walking in a city, like Philadelphia, Chicago, or New York. You have to cross a street. In doing so, you notice what appears to be a … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan’s vision of Batman has created a new trilogy that brought us back to a darker, grittier Gotham City. All three films, for the most part, have been highly … Continue reading

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Ruby Sparks (DVD RUB E)

In this offbeat romantic comedy, genius author Calvin Weir-Fields is lonely and suffering from writer’s block. Calvin became famous at 19 after writing a best-selling novel, but despite his success … Continue reading

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Karen Cries on the Bus, a Film by Gabriel Rojas Vera (DVD KAR E)

Our final discussion of the season features Scarface (1932), Friday, May 25 at 7 p.m. We have all imagined, if only for a moment, the lives of strangers. Most of … Continue reading

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Skin, a Film About South Africa

Genetic science was not well understood by common people in the 1950s when a dark-skinned girl was born to Abraham and Sannie Laing, white Afrikaners living in the East Transvaal … Continue reading

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Bill Cunningham New York

Who’s that man in the blue windbreaker taking candid photos of people on the streets of New York? Why do so many people seem so unconcerned when he lopes ahead … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey (DVD DOW E)

When PBS Masterpiece ran the series Downton Abbey last winter, it was a sensation. Millions of viewers tuned in for four episodes to follow the life of the aristocratic Crawley … Continue reading

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Autism: The Musical (DVD AUT NF)

What is autism? I have just watched the documentary Autism: The Musical, and I am having trouble pinning down a definition without referring to a dictionary. I know it is … Continue reading

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Yesterday, a Film from South Africa (DVD YES)

Yesterday is a young woman nearly alone in her husband’s Zulu village. Having no friends or relatives, she spends most of her time alone with her young daughter Beauty, while … Continue reading

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WordPlay (DVD WOR NF)

In the first half of the documentary film Wordplay, we meets the country’s best puzzle minds and some celebrities who love to do the daily New York Times puzzles, including … Continue reading

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Driving Lessons (DVD DRI E)

Driving Lessons stars Rupert Grint, whom everyone will recognize as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. In this contemporary story of a shy young man, pressed by his mother … Continue reading

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The Golden Age of Chicago Children’s Television by Ted Okuda and Jack Mulqueen (791.45 OKU)

Every day my sister and I would run home to eat lunch and watch Bozo’s Circus, so with much delight I started reading The Golden Age of Chicago Children’s Television … Continue reading

July 1, 2011 · 3 Comments

Mad Hot Ballroom (DVD MAD NF)

Do you know the steps to merengue, rumba, foxtrot, tango, or swing dancing? I don’t, but many eleven-year-old students in New York sure do; they get ballroom dancing instruction from … Continue reading

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Volver: a film by Pedro Almodovar (DVD Vol)

Do you believe in ghosts? Raimunda (Penelope Cruz) does not. She is a modern women trying to raise a daughter in a culture that persists in its superstitions. Even a … Continue reading

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Afghan Star: A Documentary directed by Havana Marking (DVD AFG NF)

In the United States, television no longer brings us together as it did in the 1950s and 1960s when there were just a few networks giving us common cultural experiences. … Continue reading

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Maltese Falcon: A Thomas Ford Film Discussion

Fourteen people braved the cold and threat of snow to come to our January 7 film discussion of The Maltese Falcon , the 1941 Film Noir classic starring Humphrey Bogart. … Continue reading

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Young @ Heart (DVD YOU E)

The Young @ Heart Chorus is a seniors group in Northampton, Massachusetts, formed by Bob Climan in the early 1980s. The average age of the men and women in the … Continue reading

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