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“Dancing Girl” by Terry Callier

Track #52 on Thommy Ford’s Playlist Well, this is the last post in 2013’s weekend series on music. Since we kicked the series off with a post on Chicago legend Howlin’ … Continue reading

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“White Christmas” written by Irving Berlin

Track #51 on Thommy Ford’s Playlist “White Christmas” as recorded by Bing Crosby may be the highest selling single ever. Billboard and other charting services can only speculate because they … Continue reading

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“Tzigane” by Maurice Ravel

Track #50 on Thommy Ford’s Playlist Jelly d’Arányi was a Hungarian violinist that lived a colorful life. Grand niece of legendary violinist Joseph Joachim, her own playing inspired works by Bartok, … Continue reading

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“The Thing That Should Not Be” by Metallica

Track #49 on Thommy Ford’s Playlist Metal is more well read than most people think. It seems like every metal band has had a crack at some classic book or … Continue reading

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“St. Louis Blues” by Bessie Smith

Track #48 on Thommy Ford’s Playlist “St. Louis Blues” is track #10 on the album The Essential Bessie Smith: 781.643 SMI Bessie Smith’s 1925 recording of “St. Louis Blues,” which features … Continue reading

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“Range Life” by Pavement

Track #47 on Thommy Ford’s Playlist I like to think of “Range Life” as one of those the-road-is-so-tough songs. You know, like Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page” but for gen x’ers. … Continue reading

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“Boo’s Blues” by Booker Ervin

Track #46 on Thommy Ford’s Playlist Booker Ervin is more famous for his stints with Charles Mingus than with his own bands. On albums like Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus and … Continue reading

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